Super Typhoon Dujuan to bring city 3-4 days of stormy weather

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    By Ke Jiayun | September 28, 2015, Monday

    Super Typhoon Dujuan, which is expected to make a second landfall in Fujian Province tomorrow after striking Taiwan, will bring stormy weather to the city for three to four days starting this afternoon, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said Monday.

    Residents who scheduled a trip during the National Day holiday don't need to worry too much about the weather may cause some trouble in traffic because the typhoon's effect is likely to end on early morning Thursday, the National Day.

    The winds will start increasing this afternoon and Dujuan's peripheral flows, as well as a low pressure it may trigger after the landfall, will dump rainfalls of 40 to 80 millimeters in the city. Part of the city may see a rainfall up to 100 millimeters.

    The most obvious rain will occur from tomorrow to Wednesday night.

    Since there is still a weak influence left by the typhoon's remainder cloud system and a cold front on Thursday, it will remain showery in the morning but soon turn cloudy after the system move out.

    Then the domination of the city will be shifted to a cold high pressure at the weekend, which will promise a mix of sun and clouds in skies.

    The cold front and the typhoon is forecast to also cool the city down with the high dropping to 24 degrees Celsius and the low to be in teens in these days.

    The first half of next week is set to be even cooler with another round of rain brought by a low trough. The high will slip to only 22 degrees on Tuesday and climb up slightly to 23 degrees on Wednesday, when it dries out and clear skies return.

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    Looks like Ke Jiayun could really use our services here at Pacican...