Language Corner: Zhèng Néngliàng

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    Published on 6 Oct 2014

    Every month Time Out Shanghai share popular Chinese terms, slang and net-speak and how to use them

    Zhèng néngliàng 正能量

    This term meaning ‘positive energy’ is similar in its usage to the contemporary English spiritual phrase and was one of 100 new words to be added to theDictionary of Modern Standard Chinese at the end of August, reflecting changes in the nation’s common language. Not all the terms added to the dictionary, which is revised every five years, were quite so hippy-friendly however – 理财 (li cái, ‘wealth management’) and 网购 (wǎng gòu, ‘online shopping’) were also among the new entries. Other additions arose from recent news stories, including 地沟油 (dì gōu yóu, ‘gutter oil’).