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    With the recent sizzling heat wave over Shanghai, you may be forgiven for mistaking the city for a giant sauna. While air conditioned malls and restaurants offer a much-needed reprise from the hot air, you can’t spend your entire summer confined indoors. Why not head to one of Shanghai’s water parks and cool down through the power of water instead? The four water parks below offer plenty of aquatic amusements for young and old. Start splashing and cool down in Shanghai today!

    1) Playa Maya Water Park

    The sister park of Happy Valley, Playa Maya Water Park covers 128,000 square meters making it the largest water park in eastern China today. Open since July 1, 2013, the park cost more than 550 million RMB to construct and features state-of-the-art facilities imported directly from Holland, Canada and other countries.

    The park boasts the world’s largest wave pool, which at 14,600 square meters, can create record-breaking waves up to 3.5 meters tall. Thrill-seekers can surf the waves as if they’re out at sea. Among the various slides available, the 1,000 meter long “water hornet” slide shoots visitors down a twisting, turning path at awesome speeds. If the slides and waves aren’t thrilling enough, visitors can also take part in the country’s largest water fight, in which up to 2,500 people can take part.

    Those worried about hygiene (since it attracts thousands of people every day) may find it reassuring to know that the park’s water is disinfected every 4-6 hours.

    Add: 888 Linhu Lu, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai (near Linyin Dadao)
    地址:上海市松江区佘山旅游度假区林湖路888号, 上海玛雅海滩水公园
    Tel: 021 3355 2222
    Price: Mon-Fri, 150 RMB; night (16:00-22:00), 120 RMB; Sat-Sun, 180 RMB; weekend nights, 140 RMB
    Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
    Getting there: take subway line 9 to Yushan stop; from there you can take a free shuttle bus directly to the park

    2) Dino Beach

    Open since 2011, Dino Beach boasts over 30 adrenaline-inducing rides including a massive wave pool (once the largest in the country before Playa Maya came along), various water slides, pirate ships, inflatable rafts and more. For those after relaxation rather than adrenaline, the park is also home to a large man-made beach. The park has a water filtration system which replaces the water every three hours, which is good because it tends to get very crowded at weekends.

    Be warned though that the park only serves Western junk food and does not allow you to bring your own food inside, so have a big meal before you arrive or be prepared to load up on calories.

    Add: 78 Xinzhen Lu, Minhang District, Shanghai
    地址:上海市闵行区新镇路78号, 热带风暴水上乐园
    Tel: 021 6478 3333
    Opening hours: July 1 – Aug 25, 09:00-24:00; Aug 26 – Sep 8, 09:00-22:00
    Price: Mon, Tue, Thurs, 120 RMB; Wed, 150 RMB/men, 120 RMB/women; Fri, 150 RMB/before 16:00, 120 RMB/after 16:00; Sat-Sun, 200 RMB/before 16:00, 150 RMB/after 16:00
    Getting there: take subway line 1 to Xinzhuang station and then take the 763 or 173 bus to Xinzhen Lu Gudai Lu stop (新镇路顾戴路). Alternatively, take the 803 bus from Shanghai South Railway Station to Xinzhen Lu Gudai Lu.

    3) Sanjiagang Haibin Water Park

    Sanjiagang is located in Pudong New District near the Pudong Airport and is a natural beach and man-made water park rolled into one. While the rides here are not as modern, thrilling or varied as the parks mentioned above, Sanjiagang does offer a number of other activities including kayaking, parasailing, fishing, volleyball and camping. A variety of boats are also available including speed boats and pedal boats and there are a number of water facilities for little ones, making it a good choice for families with small kids.

    In terms of food, Sanjiagang offers barbeque buffets and fresh seafood among other tasty treats. Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food.

    Add: 6015 Huaxia Donglu (near Pudong Airport), Pudong New District, Shanghai
    Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
    Tel: 021 6890 9803/6890 9052
    Price: 60 RMB/general entrance fee; individual rides are charged separately
    Getting there: take subway line 2 to Lujiazui station, then walk 300 meters to Lujiazui Huanlu-Fenghe Lu stop and take the Cailu line (蔡陆专线) to Sanjiagang Square stop (三甲港广场站)

    4) Dakang Indoor Water Park

    This is Shanghai’s only large-scale indoor water park and is perfect for those who fear the almighty rays of the sun. Dakang Water Park is 5,000 square meters large, with a deep-end area of four meters and a manageable shallow-end of 1.2 meters.

    Inside this enclosed water world, visitors will find a wave pool, twisting and straight water slides, family slides, a kiddies’ pool, a diving pool, a swimming pool, water fountains and waterfalls. Despite its facilities being a little outdated, this place is very popular with young families who want to keep their kids entertained for the day whilst avoiding a tan. The more adventurous folk should head to one of the three parks mentioned above instead.

    Add: 555 Gongkang Lu, Baoshan District, Shanghai
    地址:上海市宝山区共康路555号(近长临路), 大康度假城室内水上世界
    Tel: 021 5640 6962
    Opening hours: July 1 onwards, 10:00-21:00
    Price: Mon-Fri, 70 RMB; Sat-Sun, 88 RMB
    Getting there: take bus No. 719, 722, 741, 745, 760 or the Baoshan 20 line to Changlin Lu-Gongkang Lu stop (长临路共康路站)
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