How to Upload A Resource

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    Uploading a Resource to our Resource Library is pretty easy.

    Head over to the Resources page and follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Add Resource" button at the top-right of the page.

    2. Choose the right Category for your resource.
    (Note: The site might ask you to enter the category twice. Sorry about that...)

    3. Fill-in the Details and Description of your resource.

    You'll be asked to fill-in:

    I. Title: The title is what people will be primarily looking for. It's also what will stand out the most from a search, so make sure your title is as clear as possible about what your resource is.

    II. Tag Line: This is the second most important thing. Users who like your title, will then read the tag line for a brief summary of your resource. Try to provide more essential details here, like grade or age group your resource is meant for, or any essential details left out of your title.

    III. Tags: This is often left out by Resource uploaders, but you should definitely take the time to fill in 3-5 tags here. Tags are for users, and they help incredibly with searching. Tags like "Lesson Plan", or "Grade 1", or "Verbs" will help ensure users seeking resources like yours will find it on a casual search.

    IV. Upload Your Resource: Yeah, don't forget to upload it.

    V. Description: It's helpful to give a brief summary here of your resource. And, if you're uploading something visual like a PPT, it's extremely helpful to save a slide as a JPG or PNG and put it in this description.

    4. Click "Save" and your done!

    If you have any other questions or problems uploading a resource to our library, please feel free to hit that "Start a Conversation" button under my name and I'll be glad to help!