Counselling Centers For Stressed-out Teachers

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    Counselling centers for stressed-out teachers
    By Zhao Wen | September 11, 2014, Thursday |

    LOCAL education authorities have set up counseling centers and a 24-hour hotline for stressed-out teachers.

    Ji Qihua, deputy director of the labor union for Shanghai teachers, said many college teachers suffered from stress due to heavy workload.

    Kindergarten and primary school teachers suffered more psychological burdens as they were constantly under watch by parents and the school authorities, Ji said.

    “We need to remove the negative pressures that the teachers have to deal with so that they can give the best to the students,” Ji said yesterday, which was also celebrated as Teachers’ Day.

    Although many schools have their own counseling centers, teachers rarely approach them as most of them do not feel comfortable opening up about their personal issues in front of colleagues.

    Ji said the new independent counseling centers are expected to address that problem.

    As communication between parents and teachers get easier with the help of modern technology, many teachers have complained that comments posted online or on the social media bothered or irked them.

    A kindergarten teacher, surnamed Chen, said she suffered from sleepless nights after one of the parents posted a picture of her, showing her “yelling” and “scolding” a child.

    Chen claimed she only implied to warn the child who had just jumped from a ladder. But her action was misinterpreted by the parent who posted a picture on WeChat. It caused a furor. The kindergarten principal questioned her on the issue, which embarrassed her.

    Chen said she just couldn’t go on explaining to every parent. Stressed and depressed, she finally decided to see a psychologist.

    Chen Mo, a psychologist at East China Normal University, said the new media had become a new tool for parents to watch over schools and teachers. Both teachers and parents need to address the issue and find a mutually beneficial way out.

    Zhao Guoliang, a member of the Shanghai Psychological Counseling Association, advised parents to try to understand teachers, rather than just keep criticizing them who have families of their own.

    The city has set up the main counseling center at the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences on 21 Chaling Road N. There are two other branches at Luwan Middle School in Huangpu District and Tongji University in Yangpu District.

    The counselors can be reached by phone, online or for a face-to-face interview.

    Teachers can also call the 24-hour hotline at 63036588, or log onto and share their problems.

    They can reserve time for personal interviews with the 30 psychologists who work at the three counseling centers.
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    I think it is crazy that teachers have to keep in contact with parents through wechat after work.