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    Shanghai East Ticket is where I usually book my tickets for the current shows in Shanghai. The platform is easy to navigate and the service is trustworthy. The site sells tickets of the latest and the most popular shows in Shanghai. You could book it online or through phone. It's quite convient. Remember to share your experiences on Pacican Forum after you see the show!!!

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    At the end of 2005, Shanghai started terminal marketing platform reconstruction of showing industry. In such background, five shareholders Wenhui-xinmin United Press Group,Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Eastday Corp. and Shanghai Jinwin Investment Co.,Ltd. set up our Shanghai East Ticket Co.,Ltd. The birth of Shanghai East Ticket Co.,Ltd. has formed new pattern of showing industry in the way of accumulating all kinds of resource such as theatre, media and technology in the new platform.

    The mission of Shanghai East Ticket Co., Ltd. is to construct a network and platform, to provide ticket system, to provide ticket agent, to provide project planning and promotion and to provide personalization service.

    On the basis of high-tech, Shanghai East Ticket Co., Ltd. is the service and marketing platform which integrate culture consumption and culture product marketing. Taking professional ticket operation as the breakthrough point, Shanghai East Ticket Co., Ltd. provide service ranging from promotion, marketing to customer service. It has become the terminal business platform of culture product which combine building technology system, information issue, project marketing and customer service so that make culture product marketing form a positive interaction of modern information flow, logistics and capital.

    We Own:
    ●Provide ticket technology system for 90 percent Shanghai venues
    ●Reasonable sales network that cover Shanghai, surrounding area, HongKong and Macao
    ●Diversified media channel resource for issuing information
    ●962388 bilingual language ticket consultation center
    ●64480898 key customer service center
    ●36390195 membership and complain center
    ●On-line search and booking platform on the
    ●Biweekly culture consumption guidance City Info
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