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    First Message

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    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

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    Full-Fledged Member

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    25 messages posted. Glad to have you here!

  3. Fifty Post Plateau

    Fifty Post Plateau

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    50 posts! Congratulations! You must like it here!

  4. Forums Regular

    Forums Regular

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    You've reached 100 posts! We now know how you take your coffee by heart!

  5. English Life Idol

    English Life Idol

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    You have reached the enviable plateau of 250 posts!

  6. Lucky Number

    Lucky Number

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    333 posts! Today will be your lucky day! Have some points!

  7. Half-Way There!

    Half-Way There!

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    500 posts! Will you be one of the few to reach 1000?

  8. 1000!!!


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    Congradulations! You win the internet!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Hey! So, it's your birthday? Err... well... of course we remembered. Here, look! We got you these points!

  10. Somebody Likes You!

    Somebody Likes You!

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    Congratulations! Your first "Like"!

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    25 "Likes"!!! Clearly, you're fitting right in!

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    50 "Likes" is nothing to scoff at! Well done!

  13. Mr. Popular!

    Mr. Popular!

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    A hundred "Likes"!

  14. Miss Popular!

    Miss Popular!

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    A hundred "Likes"!

  15. 250!


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    You know, in Chinese calling someone 250 means you're crazy. In "Likes", it means you're awesome!

  16. 500 Likes!


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    Can I have your autograph?

  17. Golden Words

    Golden Words

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    1000 "Likes"! Everything you say is right!

  18. Well-Known


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    25 posts + 25 likes! Thanks for stickin' around!

  19. Honoured


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    50 posts, 50 likes!

  20. Revered!


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    100 Posts, 100 Likes! Have you considered politics?

  21. First Week

    First Week

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    How's it going? You like the place? Gettin' to know your way around?

  22. 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later

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    Good news: Probation period is over! You're officially part of the team. Bad News: Zombies.

  23. First Trimester

    First Trimester

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    90 days of forums! Your stomach should start showing soon!

  24. Six Months!

    Six Months!

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    Has it been half a year already?

  25. 9 Months!

    9 Months!

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    Otherwise known as 270 days! Does it really feel that long?

  26. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary!

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    It's been a whole year! What'd you get me?

  27. A True Professional!

    A True Professional!

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    Set your "" account as your email address on English Life.

  28. Poster of the Month

    Poster of the Month

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    You're the Best!

  29. Winner!


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    Win an English Life competition.

  30. Poster of the Month II: The Return

    Poster of the Month II: The Return

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    You're the best... again! Here, you've earned this!

  31. Poster of the Month III: The Reckoning

    Poster of the Month III: The Reckoning

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    Poster of the Month, again! Glory hog....

  32. Exalted!


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    250 posts & 250 likes! This is as close to love as you can get on the internet!

  33. Resource Donator

    Resource Donator

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    You uploaded a resource to the English Life Website! On behalf of future teachers, we thank you!

  34. Resource Developer

    Resource Developer

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    Thanks to you, 5 new Resources are in our Resource Library. You are worth your weight in gold!

  35. Resource Dealer

    Resource Dealer

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    Getting Resources is sure addictive... but we can stop any time we want...

  36. Resource Distributor

    Resource Distributor

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    25 Resources!?! Where are you getting these things!?! On second thought, who cares! Thank you!

  37. Resource Merchant

    Resource Merchant

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    50 Resources all with your name on them! We bow to you, sir or madam!

  38. Resource Tycoon

    Resource Tycoon

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    75 Resources! You're starting to own a healthy size of real estate in our Resource Library!

  39. Resource Kingpin

    Resource Kingpin

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    100 Resources! Seriously, you're starting to make the rest of us look bad...

  40. Cotton Anniversary

    Cotton Anniversary

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    Did you know the traditional gift for the first and second anniversary are paper and cotton respectively? Seems like whoever made this list was a cheapskate. Anyways, today starts your 2nd year with English Life! Yay!

  41. Hat Trick

    Hat Trick

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    1 Post, 1 Like, 1 Resource: You've done it all!

  42. MVP


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    50 Posts, 50 Likes & 50 Resources! You are the English Life MVP!

  43. VIP


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    25 Posts, 25 Likes, 25 Resources! You're now an English Life VIP! Here's your gold club card!

  44. Hall of Famer

    Hall of Famer

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    100 Posts, 100 Likes, 100 Resources! Your name will forever live on at the English Life website!

  45. Photographer


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    Create a photo album on the English Life Website.

  46. Hotspot Finder

    Hotspot Finder

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    Marked a Hotspot on the English Life website.

  47. Been Around

    Been Around

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    Mark 5 Hotspots on the English Life website.

  48. Tour Guide

    Tour Guide

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    Mark 10 Hotspots on the English Life website.

  49. Blogger


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    Create a Blog on the English Life website.

  50. Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold

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    Attended one of the English Life Community Volunteering Events. Thank-you! <3

  51. English Lifer

    English Lifer

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    Posted a message, uploaded a resource, uploaded an album, started a blog and marked a hotspot. You've done it all!

  52. Trophy Collector

    Trophy Collector

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    You've gotten 25 Trophies on the English Life Website! Here's one more to celebrate the milestone!

  53. Trophy Aficionado

    Trophy Aficionado

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    50 Trophies! Wow... to be honest, I never thought anyone would ever get this trophy... You're awesome!

  54. Trophy Horder

    Trophy Horder

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    If you receive this message, know that you are likely the only person, past or future, to ever receive this trophy. Legendary!

  55. Trophy Completionist

    Trophy Completionist

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    100 Trophies. All the trophies belong to you. The site is yours. Email me for the Admin username and password. I quit.

  56. Featured


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    You had 1 featured thread on the English Life website!

  57. Featured Again!

    Featured Again!

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    2 Featured Threads on the English Life website!!!

  58. In the Spotlight!

    In the Spotlight!

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    3 Featured Threads on the English Life site! You're a star!

  59. Struck Gold!

    Struck Gold!

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    You had a Resource Featured on the English Life site!

  60. Lightning Strikes Twice

    Lightning Strikes Twice

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    You've had 2 Resources Featured on the English Life site! Thank you for your great materials!!!

  61. Curriculum Developer

    Curriculum Developer

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    3 Featured Resources! Let's be honest, your stuff is gooooood!